Sunday, March 25, 2007

7. Unstoppable Promotion

The most important thing after you create a business web site is promotion. Without promotion, how do you want to sell the products/services? Here are the familiar way to promote your business web site on the net...

Search engine
Change Link
Buy advertise
Offline advertise

Search engine

No doubt, the search engine is the most popular way for people to search what they want. I'll show you some of famous search engine on the net...

Ask Jeeves

How to add your site in the search engine? Check out the search engine listed and find the button "add site". If you can't find the button, I give you example... Type in add site in blank box at After that you will see a list of add site program. Just put your domain name on the search engine you choose to promote.

You need to wait for 2 weeks or more before your domain name will be listed in search engine data. 2 weeks or more? It's too late! Those search engines give you free service for promotion...What can I say? However, there is a pay-per-click system in search engine.

This system will make your web site to be listed in search engine less than an hour. Pay per Click service is good for someone who wants to see the reaction from the internet’s user. By doing that, you can upgrade your web site accordingly. You need to pay for each click you received. The good news is your web site will be listed on top of the search engine.......except your competitors pay higher than you.

Some Popular pay-per-click for you.

Google Ad Words


Search engine use automatic software to add your web site in their list but directory use human being to add your web site in their list.Most of
the directory such as Yahoo Directory and Lycos Directory will cost you very expensive before adding your web site in their database. After
payment, one of them will visit and check your web site wether it is allowed or not allowed to be added in their directory based on a suitable

Directory has more high quality web site. It's easier for people to search based on the directory's category.

Secret: is a free directory...


Email is very popular on the net. If you know how to promote correctly by using email, it'll give you a great help to promote your web site efficiently.
Beware of the junk mail or spam! It will decrease your credibility as an online entrepreneur.

How to promote by email?

Send email to people who request only. Example, in your web site or discussion forum you can tell them to receive more valuable information about your
products/services by email. This will increase the popularity of your web site because they want extra information from your email.


Firstly, you need to join the forum based on your products/services. Make sure you join the right topic so you can promote your products/services.Don't make a promotion in a non related topic or you'll be banned by the moderator. This will give a bad reputation....

How to promote in a forum?

If you are expert in stress management, you can write an article about it and sent it to healthy or psychology forum as a new topic. At the bottom of your article, you may put your web site link or you can tell them how to contact you for extra information about stress management.

By writing an article, you can show them your speciality and make them trust your products/services.

Change link

You can change your web site's link with other's link. If you are selling shoes on the net you may want to change link with stocking's web site owner.
The related link in your web site will give a big help to your visitors. When they check your stocking's link, they'll go back to your web site to buy
shoes after buy the stockings. This is not impossible.

Not only shoes and stockings, it can be anything.Software and hardware, books and stationery...etc.

Buy advertise

Make sure to put your banner at the right place on the net..

If you are selling again? You can put your banner at sites which are fashion or sports related.

Do you know?

Cost of the banner are based on the size of the banner(small or big of the banner) and the web site which sell ad space. There are two options to buy ad.

Cost per 1000 impression(CPM)

If the cost for 1000 impression is $20, that means cost for your banner to be show 3000 times on the advertise site is $60. You can manage how many times
your banner will be shown to users on the advertisement site.

Pay for one month.

The cost for advertise is static such as placing your ad on the site for one month period will cost you $200. This is the best option if there are many
visitors on the site you place advertisement.

Offline advertisement

Don't underestimate the traditional way of advertising. Offline advertisement can be on the newspaper, business card, magazine, television or radio.
I give you some ideas.. You can promote your web site by put it on the discount voucher, poster and brochure or free sample.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

6. "Web site is done but how I want to get paid?"

Most of the new online entrepreneur wannabe will ask the same question:

"Web site is done but how I want to get paid?"

There are several ways to get paid on the net.

1. Pay by cheque. Your customer send the cheque to you by mail.
2. Postal order/Money order. Your customer need an official piece of paper bought from a post office, representing a certain sum of money that
can be posted to you before exchange it to get cash money.
3.Bank-in. Your customer make a payment to your bank's account.
4.Credit card. Your customer make a payment by credit card. This is the most popular way of payment on the net.

The best way to get payment on the net is to get a merchant account. You can create your merchant account from a trusted Credit Card Processing Merchant Account such as, and

Continued again? Yes, continued again...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

5. Web Site's Structure

5. Web Site's Structure

A web site based on business may have:

Products or Services page
Company's or your background
A page content how to contact
A page for people to buy/order your products or services.
Informative page


It contains introduction for your web. Your intro must mention about the visitor's interested. If your web site is selling shoes. You must talk about your shoes and the benefits when wearing it. Such as your shoes are high quality and water-proof.

Make sure your homepage is interesting, put some graphics or your own logo on it because the visitor's first impression is very important. If you are not confident enough to create an interesting homepage, you can just put your products or services page as your homepage. For example, you can check it out here.

Products or services page

Put all the information about your products/services here. Put some pictures as well you are selling products. You must tell the visitor why they need your product/services. The best way is to tell them the benefit of your product/services. Make sure your information in the products/services are simple and easy to understand.

Company's or your background
It's very important to tell your visitor about your background. This will make them trust you if they want to be your client.

A page content how to contact

If the visitor don't know how to contact you, this will be a big lost for your business. At least you can put your email on this page. It'll be better if you can put your address, phone number and email. If you put your phone number, make sure you put the time for visitor to call you. Example, Everyday from 9am-9pm except Sunday. Don't forget! if your business is international, you need to consider which
is the best time for visitor to make a call. Do you want to receive call at 3 o'clock in the morning?

A page for people to buy/order your products or services.

You must tell the customer about your bank account and how to make order or buy your product/services. Give them options, pay by cheque, pay by credit card or pay by e-gold. Put as much options as you will make your client easier to make payment.

In this page, you have to make sure your client feel safe to make an order and to put in their information. Most of the client will change their mind when they feel not safe. Besides, you need to tell them about how they'll get your products or services after they make the payment into your account.

Informative page!

Most of the internet's user are searching for the informations not the product or service. By giving the valuable information to them such as tips on how to diet for healthy site, tips about revenue for a work at home page. Give them more information so they'll always visit your site for references.

Your web site must focus to your visitor's need...visitor, visitor, visitor and more visitor. Get more visitors to get more clients...


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Monday, March 19, 2007

4. Prepare a web site

Prepare a great web site

There are two ways to create a web site
i) Create it by yourself
ii)Hire the web designer

i) Create it by yourself

Do you know HTML(Hypertext Markup Language)? If you know how to use it, then it'll be easy for you. The easiest way to create a web site by yourself is to get the software. The popular softwares are Dreamweaver,FrontPageor MicrosoftWord.

ii)Hire the web designer

Think and find out who will create your web site before you hire any web designer. Ask him/her to show the web site that he/she has created before. If the payment are too high, you can find another web designer. If the payment are too low, you need to be careful with his/her work's quality.

Anyway it'll be better if you know how to create your own web site. You can save your budget and update your web site by yourself anytime.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

3.Valuable Information

3. Valuable Information

Now, you already have your own product or service for your online business. You also have your own domain name and have your web hosting's company.

It's time for you to create ur own web.You need a website to promote your products or services to the worldwide.


Check out other's website. That's the answer! There are millions website on the net. Some are good and some are not. Make a list of ur favourite's web site on the paper and write down why u like that web site?

Is it easy to use?
Make sure your web site is user friendly. The buttons and links on your web site must be clear for your web's navigation. Remember, reading on the internet need more space for easier eye movement.

Is it attractive?
A web site with nice graphics and readable texts can attracts users quickly. An attractive web site will make you look as a professional web developer.

The secret for great web site is easier to understand by your visitor. That's mean you must keep it simple!

Is it imformative?
Information is very important because it will give your visitor's understanding about your products or services. The information on your web site must always be updated and based on your business.

First impression of your web's visitor is very important. When someone visits your web, you need to impress them and show them that your web is full with high valuable information.

Will be continue..

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2.Getting started

Getting started

Need money to start?
Some says yes.Some says no.
How to start? Some say "i know how to start".Some say "i don't know".

Plan to success is Success to plan. U must make sure u know what kind of product/service u want to sell on the net. No matter what kind of product or service u want to sell on the net make sure u can find interested people as much as u can.

"I want to build my own business on the net but i don't know what to sell?"

Ok, let me tell u..

Let say when u are walking on the street or at the market. Think..and ask urself if u have an "A" product or "A" service, how easy this work can be done..

Think fast and act fast. If u are late, the "A" product/service u mention earlier..already sold at the market by other people.

The most important thing is to sell the product or service that u like the most. It can be ur hobby or anything. What the most people need? What is less on the net?

"I still don't know what to sell"

Relax guys..I'll help u.

The secret is..find the product or service requested on the net before sell the product/service requested. Many people fail because they sell the product/service before they find the requested on the net.

Take a piece of paper and write down at least 10 product/service. Make sure ur ideas are based on the requested on the net. Choose the best one suited u and start creating ur own web.

Free web hosting or paid web hosting?

Free web hosting will give u a free service to create ur own website. As a payment for using their free service, their company's banner will appear on ur site. It's free but it will give u a bad reputation as an online entrepreneur.

Forget about free web hosting if u want to be a respectful entrepreneur on the net.
Here are the list of recommended paid web hosting.

3.Sitesell(Most recommended)

Domain name is the name of ur web. Ur domain name must be simple and easy to remember.

Example, if ur name is Daniel and ur product is stationery. U can simply put ur domain name as Too long and too hard to read? How about Yes, is better than

U can put ur own name or any word as ur domain name. U know Its the name of the thick forest but if u visit the u will see a tons of items sold there. It depends on ur own creativity. Just make it simple and easy for people to type in ur domain name in the internet browser.

To be continued again...

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

1.Motivation and online business

U want to success on ur business?

There are thousands...maybe millions...or billions people try to make their own business on the internet. However not all of them achieve what they want. Some of them just give up before they can see the improvement of their business. What a n time just fade away like that..

Of course we are not born as a lawyer.not a doctor.not a professional novelist. It depends on the knowledge we gain...

If u like to start ur own business on the net,u should get the info about online business. There are tons of them on the net. I suggest u read on this.

Are u too old to start ur own business? I don't think so..Colonel Harland Sandlers(KFC) start his world-known 'lickin fingers' business when he was 64 years old! Age doesn't matter as long u start what u r doing right now.

I'll tell u the secret how to motivate urself. The secret is "just do it!" Don't wait anymore. Time is money. The clock is ticking. However, internet are moving so fast. That's why time is not money but...Time is a lot and a lot of money!

Now, u must go n write down ur plan for 3 months....6 months...1 years..

To be continued...

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